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About Us

Aajvegan Naturefoods is a vegan food processing plant, situated in the heart i.e. Madhya Pradesh State of Incredible India. 

Our food processing equipments aims to maintain the true flavor of nature, by protecting any foods wholesomeness!

With extensive R&D, we are committed to retaining the naturalness of our products, remembered and loved from home.

Our Mission

To understand the needs of the customers and provide them full support for the success in the development of their vegan products, at the lowest possible cost. We are determined to increase and maintain our network of distribution, such that our products are easily available in the vicinity of all hungry vegan species.

Our Vision

We believe nonviolence (Ahiṃsā) is one of the essential religious duties of humanity. Applying nonviolence to our everyday activities, and especially to food, shapes our entire lives and is the most significant part of human identity. We believe that vegan humans are genetic superheroes, superconscious & superconnected to nature (just like omniscient beings). The use of natural vegan products is today one of the best practices in improving & maintaining good health as well as it balances the ayurvedic doshas & chakras. And for that reason, we dedicate ourselves to offering these products to our clients.

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All nature within you!

Aajvegan produces only the Best & FRESH Ingredients

Our in-house experts work closely with farmers, producers, suppliers and traders, to carefully select just the right grains ,nuts & seeds to give you the quality & consistency you expect from us. So when you eat the Naturefoods produced by us you know exactly what you’re getting mindfully i.e. natural taste, nutrition, responsibly-sourced ingredients, and no surprises!

Our Top-Management Team


Aman Arora Jain

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