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Email Address

For any Query/Complaint: info@aajvegan.com

For Trade Enquiry/Information: trade@aajvegan.com

Call Us

(+91) 9425794435    (Timings: 8am-5pm, all days)

Visit Us

Aajvegan Naturefoods – Processing Plant, No.3 Building, Opposite Hanuman Temple-Kamal Bagh, Atal Library Way, Near SKC Police Substation, Shinde Ki Chhawni (Lashkar), Gwalior (Pincode-474001), Madhya Pradesh-INDIA

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Aajvegan?

AAJ is an exact pronunciation of the Hindi word “आज” (meaning “Today”). 

AAJVEGAN indicates: Today Vegan! or Eat vegan today! or Go vegan today! .. 

What do we mean by Naturefoods
    • Foods, which do not contain any artificial ingredients.
    • Foods, closest to their pure, natural nutritional value.
    • A specific ingredient can be called “natural” if it didn’t go through any processing except for the physical ones (to make it edible) like Dehulling, Grinding, Roasting/Toasting, Cooking, Drying, Cleaning, Freezing, etc. All of which are physical treatments and special chemical modifications.
What is our network reach?

We serve pan India, & gradually increasing trade internationally with open arms.

For Dealership, kindly contact us directly via above-given details.